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Unlocking a Safer Future: Tackling Psychosocial Risks in Education

In today's rapidly evolving world, ensuring the safety and well-being of our students is paramount. Recent research and survey findings have shed light on a critical aspect that often goes unnoticed but plays a pivotal role in students' safety: psychosocial risks. In this blog post, we delve into the influence of psychosocial risks on safety and future outcomes, highlighting the importance of addressing these factors in educational settings.

Understanding Psychosocial Risks and Their Impact

The GoodSpace Schools Survey, a comprehensive initiative, has unearthed invaluable insights into the world of psychosocial risks and their implications. It's a fact that over a million adolescents lose their lives globally each year to preventable or treatable causes, with injuries, both intentional and unintentional, being the leading cause of these tragic deaths.

A recent study analysed data from 87,269 individuals across 26 countries, examining the relationship between psychosocial circumstances and injuries in adolescents. The findings were nothing short of eye-opening. Researchers observed a strong association between serious injuries and psychosocial factors. This correlation underscores the urgency of implementing multifaceted programs aimed at addressing psychosocial risks to reduce the number of serious injuries in adolescents.

Specifically, programs focusing on reducing bullying, substance abuse, and improving mental health can have a significant impact on intentional and non-intentional injuries. It's a call to action for educators and senior leaders in the education sector to take psychosocial risks seriously and incorporate strategies to mitigate them.

The Role of GoodSpace Schools

Enter GoodSpace Schools, a ground-breaking digital platform designed to screen, triage, and support students in dealing with psychosocial risks. It empowers schools to identify and prioritise at-risk students, offering them the additional support they need. The GoodSpace Schools Survey identifies various psychosocial risks prevalent in different contexts, such as home life, school life, mental health, sexuality, sense of belonging, and self-care.

These risks encompass factors like stress, inadequate social support, and a lack of effective coping mechanisms. The beauty of this platform lies in its ability to swiftly identify students at immediate risk of harm, such as suicidal ideation or self-harm, and implement a safety plan within 24 to 48 hours.

But GoodSpace Schools doesn't stop there. It provides schools with invaluable insights into future risks on both individual and aggregate levels. These indicators encompass issues like poor impulse control, substance use, complex family environments, and unsafe school environments. Armed with this data, schools can take a data-driven approach to implement tailored action plans.

Empowering Schools to Act

GoodSpace Schools equips schools with the tools they need to take proactive steps in ensuring students' safety. These action plans are versatile and can be implemented at various levels:

  • Individual Level: Students can be connected with additional tools, referrals, or in-school counselling based on their specific needs.

  • Group Level: Peer group sessions can be organized for students with particular concerns, such as body dysmorphia, creating a supportive community within the school.

  • Year Group or Whole-School Level: Schools can implement broader strategies like syllabus changes or a comprehensive anti-bullying strategy, ensuring a safer and more inclusive learning environment.

A Safer Future Through Addressing Psychosocial Risks

The psychosocial risks identified in surveys like the GoodSpace Schools Survey have far-reaching implications on safety and future situations. By addressing these risks through stress management, resilience-building, and promoting effective communication, individuals can enhance their well-being and equip themselves to make informed decisions across various settings.

As senior leaders in the education sector, it's our collective responsibility to prioritise students' safety and well-being. GoodSpace Schools offers a powerful tool to do just that, enabling us to create safer, more nurturing educational environments for our students.

Let's embrace this opportunity to make a difference, because a safer future starts with us.

To learn more about GoodSpace Schools and how it can benefit your educational institution, visit our website today or email us at

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