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GoodSpace Schools Educational Webinar Series

This free series is developed to provide your school  with the tools to address student wellbeing needs as they arise throughout the year.

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Previous Webinars

Disordered Eating versus Eating Disorders

In this webinar, Helen Amrein, Eating Disorder Liaison, Waitemata District Health Board, talks on how schools can approach disordered eating including eating disorders.

Anxiety - Three Tips for Getting Students Unstuck

In this webinar, Professor Bruce Arroll offers practical advice on tips for getting people unstuck.

Key topics:

  • The more you don’t want anxiety the more you have got it.

  • Curiosity is an approach that can improve the discomfort of anxiety

Undertaking Risk Assessment and Safety Planning with Young People

In this webinar, Dr Hiran Thabrew talks on 'Undertaking risk assessment and safety planning with young people'

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