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Helping students be in a GoodSpace to learn

Empowering school teams to create environments where students are mentally supported and able to learn.

  • Improve student attendance, engagement, and academic performance.

  • A safer, more positive learning environment.

  • Early identification and best practice support for student mental wellbeing.

GoodSpace Schools Mission

We are working with schools, students, and the University of Auckland to improve mental wellbeing and reduce youth suicide numbers in New Zealand. Our passionate team of medical, digital health & IT experts has developed a digital mental wellbeing screening platform, that has become the leading platform of its kind in New Zealand schools.

Our vision is to support all students to be in a GoodSpace to learn

Screening Features

NZ schools are supporting students with GoodSpace


Over 10,000 students were screened in 2022


of students were identified with potential safeguarding concerns


of those were not already known to the wellbeing team

No student is overlooked

Young people do not ask for help like adults. Some are too anxious to come forward, and others may not recognise they have a problem that their school wellbeing team could help with. We must ask students the right questions to identify if they are at risk.​

GoodSpace Schools screening setting successfully identifies students who would not otherwise come forward.

Screen 100% of your students with the GoodSpace screening questionnaire. It only takes 10-15 minutes, so you can screen an entire year group at a time without disrupting the curriculum.

Prioritise support with existing resources

By using our automated triage feature, schools can easily identify which students may need the most support and prioritise their response accordingly. This means that you can manage wellbeing within existing resources, ensuring that the most vulnerable students are given the attention they need in a timely manner.

"We were able to immediately identify students with the highest needs and focus our initial efforts by implementing safety plans within 48 hours. We were then able to follow up remaining students with lower risk. This enabled us to utilize our scarce resources in the most equitable way."  - Victoria Marsden, Head of Wellbeing at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Fast screening with real-time results

With GoodSpace, you can screen an entire student year group in 10 minutes with no disruption to timetables. School leadership teams also receive aggregated data reports that highlight wellbeing issues and trends. This enables you to take a data-driven approach for curriculum planning and wellbeing initiatives. ​

Our screening framework and platform can be customized to meet the unique needs of different school environments, populations, resources, and student needs. GoodSpace has been implemented from years 7-13 in different types of schools in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, across secondary and intermediate, from low to high decile.

Benefits to schools

Screening of adolescents within a school setting has been shown to successfully identify students who would not otherwise come forward. Electronic screening has also been shown to be as effective as an initial face-to-face psychosocial assessment in young people.


Evidence Based

GoodSpace Identifies students who are most at risk.


Immediate Results

And only 2-10 minutes to complete the survey


Automatic Triaging

Real time risk clarification


Every Student Is Asked

Search by student risk level or screening score


Affordable & Scalable

One set price for your entire school per year


Supports Individuals

Risk-alert dashboard, follow up critical alerts immediately 


Use Existing Resources

Closed-loop risk management with counsellor notes


Strategic Follow-up

Assign student follow-ups to individual counsellors

mark-wilson-800x600 (1).jpg

Good Space Schools has been transformational for our school. I have confidence individual student wellbeing is being identified and managed and I know where to focus my resources. ​

Mark Wilson, Executive Principal, Kristin School

Untitled design (15).png

I felt heard and appreciated, I like that the school cares enough to ask.​

Year 9 student


We were able to immediately identify students with highest needs and focus our initial efforts. We were then able to follow up with remaining students with lower risks to manage our scarce resources in the most equitable way. ​

Victoria Marsden, Hobsonville Point Secondary School

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GoodSpace In Action

Mark Wilson, Executive Principal of Kristin School shares his experience with implementing GoodSpace Schools screening, and the benefits that have come from using the platform.

GoodSpace Schools Screening Solution

The GoodSpace Schools digital, data driven assessment is a 360 review, covering all key determinants of mental wellbeing to identify risk areas. The questions are based on the HEeADSSS psychosocial assessment model, adapted by our clinical advisory group and regularly through student and school feedback.


GSS Student Wellbeing Indicators.png

Seamless school integration

The platform is easy to use and fits into your existing framework. It delivers a data driven view of student needs to help you make sure you are seeing the students that have the highest level of risk.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 12.24.13 PM.png

Managing the end-to-end screening process

A system to group students based on needs to strategically streamline follow up

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 12.42.46 PM.png

Platform Features

Research suggests that young people have a high acceptance rate for completing screening questions for psychosocial issues in a self-administered format. Our screening solution is designed with this in mind, providing a user-friendly and confidential way for students to complete the screening process.


Easy Set Up

Ready to use survey templates




Accessible from any device, including tablets and phones



Schools can personalise survey templates



Secure cloud platform with health technology security


Clinical Governance

Continuous improvement and safeguarding quality of care


Interactive System

Counsellors can record notes against individual responses


Collaboration Network

Connect with schools in the GoodSpace network


NZ Platform

New Zealand based support and management

The GoodSpace Schools solution

Using evidence-based tools, our solution allows schools to automatically prioritise students in real-time with existing resources, enabling early support and better outcomes. Our tool is cost-effective, efficient, and scalable, allowing you to screen students in multiple or all year groups and utilise existing counselling or nursing capacity to focus on students most at risk.

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